First Choice provides companies of all sizes with quality pre-employment background screening services and the information needed to make more prudent hiring decisions. With over 25 years of experience and a unique specialization in the research of on-site public records provides, let First Choice arm you with the assurance that the applicants you hire are exactly who they claim to be.

Make informed decisions.
Choose the best applicants for your organization.
Improve the efficiency of your screening process.
Prevent theft, fraud and inventory shrinkage.
Support best business practices.
According to a recent survey, 69% of Human Resource professionals perform employment screening and background checks on new hires.
Government and private sector studies indicate that as many as 25% of all resumes contain false or exaggerated information regarding their education verifications, employment verifications, criminal records, reference checks, and driving records.
Employers want honest employees, and many will hire an applicant even with a criminal conviction. Applicants will often be denied employment for "non-disclosure" before they will be denied due to a conviction.

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